About Us

About Let’s Study Japanese

Vision and Mission Statement

Our Vision:

     “Spread and Support the Study of Japanese.”
Our Mission:

     “Create materials, games, and resources that are provided freely to help 
      lower the barriers of entry to study Japanese.”

          I founded “Let’s Study Japanese” because I was looking for a resource to study Japanese, to find a place and group to study with in my area. No such thing existed. I figured many others were in the same situation as myself, so I decided to create “Let’s Study Japanese” to help myself and others. I want this to be a place where we can easily share and distribute the materials for studying Japanese freely and for free. I also want people to know if there are places where they can study near them, so they can make the choice whether to study there or create their own group.

~ Mickey Mello
Founder of “Let’s Study Japanese”