About Our Partners

About who are partners are and what they do.

Bakersfield BudoThe martial arts taught at our dojo differ in appearance, however, they are all expressions of one concept— “Budo.”“Budo” literally translates to “martial way” or “warrior path.” It is a journey of constant refinement and self-mastery; we study budo to empower our bodies, develop compassion and to subdue our ego— allowing us to overcome conflict within ourselves and others.Through the practice of traditional martial arts— through good budo, we make ourselves, our community and our country stronger. Being a positive influence on humanity and the world is the ultimate goal.


studyandinternokinawaStudy & Intern Okinawa is the only program in Japan which combines language instruction (Japanese or English), internship, & sightseeing all in one!!! The standard program length is four weeks, however, the program can be tailored to individuals and groups starting from two weeks up to three months. Our programs start at the beginning of each month. Our programs are much cheaper than similar programs on mainland Japan. If you like beautiful beaches and nature, warm weather, incredible snorkeling and scuba diving, exotic food and culture, great sightseeing and nightlife, then our language study & internship program in Okinawa is just right for you!


SKFJ-Okinawa_logo_sOur primary objectives are to: Educate children and youth about the importance of respect, honor, courtesy, value and manners via martial arts; spread the acceptance of cultural diversity through international cultural exchange projects; create lecture and presentation programs to inspire youth to pursue what the program subject matters are speaking about (for example, “Pursue One’s Dreams”); provide donations for underprivileged individuals and families; help victims of devastating natural disasters; and raise global environment and animal issues awareness. SKF’s programs are managed by four designated agencies: Agency for Sports Culture & Arts; Agency for Donations & Grants; Agency for Education; and Agency for Nature.”